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Why practices choose a Comiere EMR Solution

Choosing the right EMR (electronic medical records) software allows you to automate your clinical operations—leaving more time for the important business of caring for patients and growing your practice.

With a Comiere EMR solution you can do everything from storing patient charts digitally to streamlining patient-doctor communication, simply and securely. Comiere is hosted in state-of-the-art data centers using the latest data encryption technology and is HIPAA-compliant.

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Build Valuable Networks

Enjoy instant access to any physician in your existing network. Everyone in your network benefits, building their businesses and growing revenue. Liaise with colleagues to create new referrals, and send physicians’ profiles directly to your patient. Your online reputation will grow, with feedback triggered automatically, and all patient reviews moderated.

Offer Convenient Online Check-In & Patient Communication

Online check-in for patients not only gives your admin staff more time for other work, it also improves patient loyalty. No patient likes waiting for a consultation, so online scheduling makes everybody happy. Even better, it cuts down on paper forms and EMR re-entry. You can also accept online payment.

Communicate via in-app text and audio/video chat. You can send confirmations, reminders, and alerts to patients swiftly and easily.

Streamline E-Referrals

Communication between a referring physician and a specialist has never been easier. View each other’s documents online, and share opinions via in-app text and audio/video chat. You can also access any required clinical content online.

Avail of Free Marketing

With Comiere, you can enjoy the benefits of an integrated email and SMS marketing module to offer services and promotions to patients, free of charge.

Avoid Insurance Hassles

We also offer an auto insurance eligibility check, as well as pre-authorization from insurance companies for major procedures and treatments. We take care of this bureaucracy, so you have more time to spend on patient care. You will also boost your bottom line too by avoiding any revenue leakage.

Benefit from Integrated Digital Health Care

Comiere’s vertically integrated platform combines preventable care with big data and collaboration to offer your patients the best health outcomes. Comiere Synapse generates insightful charts on patient lifestyle from wearable devices and health records. This information helps you to make smart care decisions, and in-app tools including instant messaging, video chat, and reminders enhance doctor-patient communication.

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