Comiere Practice Management for the Large Practice

Size is not an issue with an EMR solution from Comiere. From the doctor practicing alone to the group medical practice spread across multiple locations, your practice has unique needs that a Comiere solution is customized to meet.

Cut Down on Paperwork

Customized for Your Practice

  • We tailor your EMR to suit the way each provider and staff member operates. You choose from a catalog of chart templates for your different specialties, or you can design your own.
  • Though operated by a single administrator, each user’s EMR workflow is adapted to suit the way they work. The system is simple to set up and manage in multiple locations and with multiple staff.
  • Comiere solutions work seamlessly with existing practice websites, and our expert team is there to help you with integration at no extra charge.

Make Appointments Easy

Enhance Efficiency with Online Appointments

Appointment booking can be a real burden for a large practice. Make it smooth and seamless with Comiere’s online appointment booking plugin. Patients can book appointments on your website at their convenience using our technology. It’s simple and completely secure.

Spend More Time on Patients with E-Referral

E-Referrals Boost Patient Engagement & Volume

With Comiere’s e-referral system, doctors at your practice see more patients through referrals, enhanced customer service reinforces patient loyalty, and our powerful software helps boost your referral volumes. Not only that, patient wait times fall by as much as 80 percent because of our excellent workflow systems and enhanced feedback.

Value Your Specialists

Your Specialists Shine

Specialist expertise should be valued, and it is with Comiere’s e-referral system. The knowledge and skill of your specialist practitioners secures a higher profile, prompting more appointments with more patients. Furthermore, the powerful networking advantages the system gives you will lead to more valuable relationships with primary care doctors and referring doctors.

Exploit Your Practice’s Strengths with Telemedicine

Easy Access to Care with Telehealth

Give your patients the convenience of health care anywhere with Comiere telehealth . Face-to-face consultations are not always necessary, especially for existing patients with established conditions, so give your patients the flexibility of appointments at home, through the power of virtual consultations. Remote visits outside normal working hours also mean that your doctors can establish a better work-life balance.

Make Your Experts’ Opinions Count

Mine Your Practice’s Expertise

As a large practice with a range of different specialties represented, you have wealth of knowledge and expertise at a patient’s disposal. Why not make the most of it? Capitalize on your practice’s unique knowledge and generate a new income stream by using the Comiere practice management system to offer second opinions to patients online.
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