The Best Health Decisions are Informed Health Decisions

Informed Decisions

Find out more before you agree to a course of action for your health. You can request a second opinion online to ensure your treatment is right for you.

Better Opinion

Seeking a medical opinion from another doctor puts your mind at rest regarding your diagnosis and treatment options.

Discover Options

An alternative medical assessment may produce a different diagnosis and uncover treatment options you had not considered before. You could also find out more about preventive measures.

Who Should Get a Second Opinion?

If you are facing a life-changing medical condition, getting a second opinion makes sense
Seeking a second opinion makes you a more educated health consumer.
A second opinion will either confirm your diagnosis or reveal possible alternatives
Other treatments may be more appropriate for your condition

What Do You Gain from a Comiere Online Second Opinion?

Receive advice from the best doctors on your diagnosis or condition without leaving home – easing the stress of life-changing surgery or treatment.

A Comiere second opinion gives you the personalized contact of a consultation via phone or video, so you can ask specific questions about your treatment or diagnosis.

Comply with possible health insurance mandates to secure a second opinion for major surgery or treatments. We will even help you check your eligibility, pre-authorize, and claim to eliminate stress for you.