Streamline your Medical Referral Process
Schedule an appointment with another doctor and send relevant medical data securely before the patient even leaves your office.
· Improve patient compliance
· Enhance communication among physicians
· Increase efficiency and productivity
· Reduce medical costs
Safe, Secure and Reliable
Comiere’s powerful platform protects your patients’ data:
· HIPAA and HITECH compliant
· Encrypts all PII and PHI
· Servers protected behind a firewall in a private network
· Data regularly backed up to off-site locations
Reduce Office Visits
Face-to-face consultations are minimized with real-time message and file-exchange (X-rays, dicoms, CCDs, images, and clinical notes).
Connect Providers
Comiere brings providers together with streamlined referral workflows, ensuring patients get appointments and consult reports are returned.
Care teams are connected. Everybody Wins.
Patient Follow-up
85% of referrals end in a completed appointment with a specialist.
Consults Return
90% of referred patients have consult reports returned by specialists.
Minimal Effort, Maximum Results
80% of the time staff spend chasing up referrals is cut.
· Staff are more productive
· Patient care is monitored, step by step
· Referral partners are held accountable
· More patients receive the specialty care they need