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Why Comiere for Second Opinion?

Increase Your Revenues and Patient Base with Comiere Second Opinion

Use Comiere’s second opinion service to monetize the unique expertise you have developed as a doctor. You can expand your income potential by offering second opinion assessments via Comiere’s audio and video platforms.

Cut Down on Paperwork

Spend your time caring for patients – not dealing with admin work. Comiere provides you with an agreed consultation fee and takes care of all payment and insurance paperwork. We even offer automated SMS and email reminders to patients for appointments.

Get Your Life Back

Schedule second opinion assessment reports in your own time, so you can pursue both professional and lifestyle goals and get the work-life balance right.

Help Your Patients Make Informed Decisions

Comiere’s second opinion service means your patients have access to all the information they need.

Helps to ensure an appropriate medical diagnosis

Could highlight preventive measures

Helps to identify the best treatment options

Develop Collaborative Care

  • Collaboration among Comiere providers helps build a virtual community of health professionals tracking treatment success via real-time communication. Patients enjoy convenient access to all their records when required.

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