Solo Practice

Comiere Practice Management for the Individual Practitioner

As a solo medical practitioner, time is not on your side. Get more of it back for you and your patients by streamlining your operations with Comiere.

Book appointments easily online, enjoy the professional and financial benefit of e-referrals, boost your specialist practice with powerful networking capabilities, and create a better work-life balance with telehealth.

Cut Down on Paperwork

Book Online Appointments with the Comiere Plugin

One of the most useful Comiere features for the solo practice is our online appointment booking plugin. This feature means you can offer online appointment booking via your website—attractive to patients, invaluable to you, and extremely simple to integrate with most widely available content management systems. And if you do need help, the Comiere team is on hand to assist with implementation free of charge.

Make Appointments Easy

Boost Efficiency with E-Referral

Cut the time it takes to arrange a patient referral from an average of two days to just two hours with Comiere’s e-referral system. Your office staff will thank you, and your patients will value the service. You will also expand your business, build a quality professional network, and gain useful insights into your inbound and outbound referral traffic.

Spend More Time on Patients with E-Referral

Leverage your Specialty

Specialists get more business with Comiere’s e-referral system. Your higher profile will lead to more appointments with more patients, and the network capabilities the system offers means you will build stronger relationships with primary care doctors and referring doctors.

Value Your Specialists

Work Smarter with Telehealth

Comiere telehealth means you can offer your patients the flexibility of remote consultations outside office hours. This means you can schedule your working hours to suit the way you live, and it also means patients don’t need to come to the practice unless a face-to-face consultation is necessary.

Exploit Your Practice’s Strengths with Telemedicine

Capitalize on Your Expert Opinion

As a solo practitioner, you have built up a unique set of skills and experiences. Exploit your specialist niche and enjoy higher revenues by offering second opinions to patients online.
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